If you don’t have a prototype but want to communicate your product.
If you want photos to represent your items.
If you want to see your product within different environments.
If you want to make show rooms and virtual tours of your products.

From a 3D model, to create content
For your visual communication

What is not there

Thanks to 3D, it is possible to give shape to ideas or simple 2D drawings. Your product, the way you want it, created by us.

Infinite solutions

From a 3D model/environment, infinite variables of colors/lights, views and dimensions can be produced for marketing channels, videos, virtual tours.

Enhancement of the message

Ability to create the ideal scenario creating asetting for your product and highlighting its most interesting details.

No limits with CGI

Do you know what CGI is?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Im agery. It is applied in the field of computer graphics, or more specifically, in the field of 3D computer graphics for rendering digital special effects in movies, television, 3D commercial commercials, simulation video games, and all visual graphics applications.

Your content

Imagining effective communication without content is impossible.
CGI allows you to have different visual content available whenever you need it, always starting from the same 3D base created.

Do you want to create a new line of materials?
They apply to the 3D model and create renderings to communicate the news to their clients, create videos, virtual sets, showrooms.
More visible products without anything ‘real’.


Through a moodboard it is possible to communicate the idea of the initial project: a harmonious composition of coverings, furniture choices, and inspirational images.

Therefore, it is important to study the required scene by focusing on architectural and design details, reconstructing the environments and objects with realistic photographic textures, studying reflections and peculiarities of the same by defining ambient lights and lighting points.

By studying the perspective and arrangement of objects, you are able to create a base prepared for postproduction done directly by a professional figure such as a photographer.

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